Cleaning Up Your Online Reputation

In today’s internet age it is easier than ever to get caught up in a bad review you can’t shake or compromising post you can’t seem to lose. With the click of a button anyone in the world can post whatever they would like to express, and as the internet grows so does reliance on the tools. Just like an elephant, the internet never forgets that’s is where can save your virtual and real life by cleaning up bad news online.
As James Hoggan’s article talks about unlike the days of old you can’t just wait for people to toss out the newspaper anymore and wish away a bad review. The internet allows anyone the ability to pick through a person’s reputation with the click of a button. Everyone from your boss, a potential partner, to your own family can rely on a simple Google search to help influence decisions based around your reputation. Hoggan stresses the importance of putting your best foot forward on all fronts since it doesn’t need to be left to memory anymore and is forever left to potential front page material when searched for.
Whether this technology haunts you or works for you businesses like can help reduce the sight and scope of bad reviews or negative and compromising information that affects a person or business. It is a great tool for broadcasting the great side and potential of its users by eliminating bad, old, or not reflective search results. It protects users from unknowingly losing customers and clients to a poor reputation.