Reveal The Favorites For The 2017-18 College Football Season

The 2016-17 college football season may have barely come to a close with Clemson overcoming a strong Alabama team that was a 6.5 point favorite, but the experts from sports books across the country are now gearing up for the upcoming season by naming their favorites. is a great spot to learn more about the best college football odds and to get hold of all the best information as soon as it becomes available; one of the most impressive aspects of the work of are the articles that provide details of which spread bets are the best options for any individual to enjoy.

Despite the impressive last second win of the Clemson Tigers in the 2016-17 National Championship game the South Carolina based college is not expected to feature heavily in the forthcoming season as they are losing a number of starters from both sides of the football. As usual the experts at where college football odds can be explored for the best options in spread betting, single game bets, and help the individual learn who is a good bet to take the overall National Championship prize.

As usual the top spot in the NCAAF odds list from is expected to be taken by Alabama who experts believe will remain a strong contender for the upcoming season, particularly as they are adding excellent recruits and retaining a quarterback who led the team to the brink of the National Championship. Another contender who should not be ignored are the returning USC Trojans who have overcome a few seasons of troubles to make their way back to the top ten in the 2016-17 season pools; offers a range of NCAAF odds to be explored on the always impressive Ohio State Buckeyes and Michigan teams who should yet again feature in the latter stages of the college football playoffs.

There are also a number of outside bets recommended by as having excellent football odds for the coming season, including a fast improving Washington State team who could be an outside bet to enter the college football playoffs. As always understanding the college football odds for spread betting will give each individual the chance of the best returns when they have all the best information from

Revolutionizing Video Chat And E-Mail

When the internet fist came into being, it suddenly changed the way we think about marketing our business. As each year passes, our strategies change with the ever changing technology. At this stage of the game, Talk Fusion is taking marketing to the next level. Combining video technology with the current way of sending and receiving e-mails, marketing is morphing into a kind of sales pitch/conference call by way of the salesman talking to you in a video that is in your mailbox. Skype changed the way we talk to each other, now Talk fusion is changing the way we market our goods and services.


Many people are saying that this is breathing new life into a sales pitch that before was limited by text and still pictures. The recipient of the marketing campaign was left to their imagination with the way the information was presented. Video marketing leaves nothing to the imagination and it is causing quite a stir in the internet community. This will be opening doors that we haven’t realized yet and that is getting business owners exited about the opportunities that will be coming their way because of this new technology.


Talk Fusion is poised to become the leader in innovate internet marketing and everyone who makes money in this field is paying close attention to this. You do not want to be left behind by not trying this out. Follow the link provided and see for yourself how Talk Fusion’s new technology can help you and your business.

Homeowners Choosing Gooee Smart Lighting

Lots of individuals have been making the decision to switch to Smart lighting because of the fact that this is something that allows them to save lots of money. Gooee is one of the best smart lighting companies out there because of the fact that they have a variety of different options available to the average homeowner and this could be exactly what you need to transform your home and make it more energy efficient. If you are not fully aware of what smart lighting actually is or what it can do for you, it might be a good idea for you to figure out that this is something that truly helps you to have better control over the lights in your home because you can easily switch lights on and off from a smartphone device.

Gooee as a variety of different options when it comes to smartphone apps and smart lighting devices that you can easily begin to use each and every day. In fact, you will find that by switching to this type of option, you are able to save a ton of money in the long run because you simply will not have lights on in the home that should not be at the current moment in time. There are lots of people who are switching to Smart lighting because of the Energy Efficiency that comes with it, and other people are switching because of the fact that it makes it more convenient to control the lights in their house. Be sure to consider Gooee as the company of your choosing when switching to Smart Lighting in the house.

Options Available Using Securus Technologies

Securus has changed the lives of a lot of people who are dealing with a loved one in the prison system. Being able to contact someone on a more regular basis who happens to be behind bars can be a lot more beneficial than you think because it is often very difficult to do this without using a technology like Securus. Securus has even launched a multi-state campaign that you will find beneficial in learning more about the different video visitation services that they are offering to the public.


There are so many different reasons for using Securus, but one of the main reasons is because of the fact that it is finally closing that Gap that you once had when trying to keep in touch with a loved one in prison. It is never easy to keep in touch with someone who is behind bars because of all of the security and safety stipulations that are put into place. This is why it is very important for you to utilize this service and to see if it can benefit you as it has for a lot of other people who are currently using the services being available.


Using Securus has changed my own life as well because of the fact I have a loved one in prison who I cannot see regularly because it is too far away from my home. Are used to be able to make a lot of trips to see them and this changed when I moved so I began to use Securus for the specific purpose. Because of using Securus myself, I know it can benefit a lot of other people as well and it is why I tell so many people about it who I know can benefit from it because they have someone in the prison system.


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Securus Technologies


Avoid Life’s Annoyances with Wengie’s Life Hacks

Life’s little annoyances are easily eliminated with some mindful actions and, of course, some life hacks as crafted by Wengie. In a video highlighting life’s ten most overlooked yet important actions, the Australian beauty blogger paid homage to simpler times in the most effective means possible!

1. Take a Shaver to Your Sweater

If you have a sweater or, as Wengie put it, a jumper, that looks a little aged as a result of the washer causing some fibers to unravel, taking a shaver to it can help restore it in a way that makes it look brand new!

2. A Stapler Remover for Your Keyring

Everybody has wrestled with a keyring at some point in their lives, but using a stapler remover to separate the links greatly assists in getting keys on and off!

3. Never Forget Your Cellphone Again

Imagine being half-asleep, rushing to get out of the door on time in the mornings. Surely you get halfway to work only to realize that you forgot your phone or important documents for the day. Horrible, right? Well, Wengie is infamous for doing that often, so her solution was placing all of her essential items under something she was bound to take: Her car keys.

4. Keep It a Secret

People often write things down to remember them, but do not necessarily want anybody else to see what they wrote. Scribbling often leaves the writing still legible, but the blogger suggests writing letters and numbers over the secretive text to make it impossible to decipher.

5. Never Put Off Folding Clothes Again

If you are somebody who avoids folding clothes until the next wash day, consider placing them on your bed so you have no choice but to fold them.

6. Protect the Contents of Your Purse

Things, like checkbooks, receipts, and passports, are all easily damaged jumbling around in your purse. As a result, you should take a zip lock bag, fit a piece of cardboard inside it, and place those essential items in that bag. This protects them from being torn or squished.

7. Trash Bag Mishaps

More often than not, full trash bags leave a slimy residue in their wake that can make the entire house stinky. Lining the bottom of the barrel with newspapers soaks up any excess residue and makes for an easy clean up.

8. Secure Shopping Bag Trash Bags

It is common to throw something in a barrel lined with a shopping bag only to have the bag completely collapse and spill its contents. Attaching wall hooks upside down on the side of the barrel and looping the handles of the bag around them keeps the bag in place, though!

9. Remember Your Favorite Shower Temperature

Everybody has a shower preference, but it is often difficult to get it just right without plenty of trial and error. Take a marker in the shower; when the temperature is just right, put a line in place so you always remember that designated spot.

10. Never Eat Mushy Cereal Crumbs Again

Getting to the end of a cereal box results in a bowl of milk and crumbs, but using a colander to separate the actual cereal from its messy counterparts is effective in avoiding this annoyance.


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Don Ressler’s Business Acumen and the Emergence of JustFab Brand

Don Ressler is a world renowned entrepreneur and business strategist with a successful track record of investing. According to, some of the most successful startups under Ressler’s name include Alena Media, Intelligent Beauty and its subsidiaries, DERMSTORE, and JustFab. DERMSTORE is a highly profitable and integrated online skincare and cosmetics brand. JustFab, on the other hand, is a leading subscription fashion retailer Co-Founded by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg in 2010 with funding from Matrix Partners.

According to, Don Ressler is also the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Alena Media, Intelligent Beauty and Brand Ideas. During his tenure at Intermix, which is the parent company of; Ressler oversaw the completion of several ventures that led to the increase in shareholder value. Intermix was sold to News Corp in 2005 for over $650 million. At Brand Ideas, Don Ressler earned the reputation as a business and brand building guru because of his efforts to raise huge sums of money and sales.

JustFab began seeking opportunities to expand into the new market only a few years after its establishment. Indeed in 2013, JustFab went on a series of acquisitions and expansion spree aimed at bolstering its market presence in the US and throughout the world. On January 2013, the firm purchased a children’s fashion subscription service called Fabkids on Matrix Partners. JustFab went on to acquire the European based ecommerce site, The Fab Shoes in May 2013. At the time of purchase, The Fab Shoes had a membership of 1.5 million subscribers in European.

In August 2013, JustFab acquired ShoeDazzle, a rival shoe subscription service. The company launched Fabletics in October 2013 following a series C round of funding. The popular athletics wear site was developed in collaboration with fashion icon and actress, Kate Hudson. In a recent venture, PRNewswire reported in March 2015 that JustFab had joined forces with its partners to launch People StyleWatch campaign that is dedicated to the JustFab capsule collection. Its offerings include trendy handbags and footwear. Reference:

JustFab closed also an $85 million round of funding in August 2014, a report by indicates. The efforts were led by a team of investors including Passport Special Opportunity Fund, Matrix Partners and Shining Capital. The funding also increased the company’s total capitalization to $250 million and raised the company’s valuing to $1 billion. JustFab is planning an IPO in the near future, as it looks to join the league of $3-4 billion valued companies.

Anyone Can Still Benefit Stephen Murray’s Work

CCMP Capital was run by Stephen Murray up until his death, and he was the CEO that practically built the company as he rose through the ranks. He made sure that he was able to train his whole team to do better, and he was working on large funds that made Stephen Murray CCMP Capital into the company that it is today.

I never got to talk to Stephen Murray about his work because he died right before I came to CCMP Capital for help, but I have talked with all the people that worked for him. They all have such nice things to say about him, and they have been showing me how his principles for investing money work.

The money that I invested at CCMP Capital was a lot more than I would have invested in other places, and I knew that I was doing well because I could just tell that Stephen Murray had done a lot of good work at the company. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

They seemed so organized and ready to go, and they all greeted me with smiles when I met with them. We put a lot of money into CCMP Capital the first time around, and we started to see good results right after we started.

I have felt good about these investments since we got started, and I am really glad that I will be able to make the changes that I need to make if I ever come to talk to the people in the office.

I am making a lot of money from CCMP Capital, and I know that I am benefiting from what Stephen Murray did before he died. His plans for his company have made investors like me happy, and everyone who is interested in investing should at least give them a call.

Skout is Not Your Ordinary Social Media Platform

Meeting people from around the globe is easier now than it has ever been before. With the internet and many different social media platforms available today people around the globe are connecting with one another daily. However despite there being dozens of different social media platforms not many are dedicated specifically to connecting people from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds offering the chance at sparking a once in a lifetime conversations. There is one application though that is dedicated to just this named Skout. Skout provides many features that you will not find on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Skout offers a point system within their application that allows you to unlock other features by simply utilizing the free ones that are available in the application that can be downloaded on IOS and Android devices. Features such as the Feature Me option which allows you to be in the spotlight so others can find your profile and connect with you easily and the Travel Feature which has been referred to as being the digital passport feature which allows you to choose where you would like to connect with someone from and voila! Now I know you’re probably saying to yourself well if I want to meet someone from a different country I’m sure I could find them on other social media applications but not too many people are comfortable with just reaching out to a random stranger especially from a different culture. Skout allows you to do this easily with people who have signed up and are also looking to connect so there are no weird vibes. I myself really enjoy the shake to chat feature which has become very addictive. This feature allows me to simply shake my phone and I am chatting with a random person in seconds. While some of these conversations may be short it’s understandable because not everybody has a connection but I have met many extraordinary people and made what I believe to be lifelong friendships while utilizing this app. If you have not tried out Skout for yourself I highly suggest you download the app today and try some of their amazing features for yourself.

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Turn your Life to Gold With The Midas Legacy

Every new entrepreneur as they start out on a new venture will face challenges that could stop the growth of the young business in its tracks. As companies face these challenges they either adapt to survive, or they die and quickly fail before getting off the ground.

Having a friend or advocate that can act as a sort of road map during the start-up phase can help through some of the hard times. The Midas Legacy is the type of partnership that can help you find success in growing your business.

The Midas Legacy offers more than guidance for those with entrepreneurial start-ups, they offer a road map for various situations, and mountains of research to aid your progress. If you are trying to find a quicker route to retirement, The Midas Legacy wants to be your advocate in helping you reach that milestone in your life. The reality of The Midas Legacy is to help you understand your goal in life and then help you chart a path to reach that goal.

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Fire your boss with a smile

Want a happier, healthier, & wealthier life? Find The Midas Legacy

As part of the system of The Midas Legacy, they partner with experts in many different fields such as finance, business, and multi-million dollar entrepreneurs for coaching and guidance through your endeavors. Each expert has shown to be an effective partner in the field in which your goal or direction lies.

A recent article produced by The Midas Legacy talks about some of the benefits of real estate investing. The article discussed how Conrad Hilton of Hilton Hotels fame started his empire. He would buy houses and rent out the rooms making a lot more money than simply renting the house. The article went on to further suggest that the economy is ripe for hungry investors to invest in real estate and look at ways to make money like Conrad Hilton once did.

If perhaps you are not interested in business, or reaching for retirement but simply want to find inner peace or become a better person, The Midas Legacy can help with that too. From day one, The Midas Legacy starts you on your path by giving you the Midas Code book once you become a member.

With all of the experts that have partnered with The Midas Legacy, each one of them seeks to make your endeavor a success to share together. Now you do not have to face the challenges of a start-up on your own.

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The Power And Importance Of Online Reputation Management

The reputation of a company can help to make or break its marketing efforts. The internet can be unforgiving. Information posted there remains there forever. That means negative information posted online about a company can influence potential customers’ view of that company for years. But if negative comments have been posted about your company online, all is not lost. Companies like know what to do to influence which search results about a company is most visible when potential customers go online to do research on it.


For many people search engine results pages can color their impression of many companies. Before doing business with a company many people go online to see what its reputation is like on the internet. If they see lots of negative statements and reviews associated with it, they may decide that is not a company with which they want to do business. For many companies a negative image online can cost them untold number of customers and may even lead to them going out of business. However, there are steps companies can take to improve their online reputation. It’s called online reputation management.


Companies like have the tools, knowledge of search engine optimization, and search engine reputation management to remove negative reviews online for any business. These companies can move outdated or negative information about any business or person from the top of search engine result pages and replace them with more positive news, posts, and other content. This is important because it can save reputations, create a new online image, and let the individual or business stand on its own merits.
People and businesses ignore the internet’s power at their own peril. Their success or failure can be determined simply by what is posted on the internet whether it is true or not. That’s why it’s important to manage your reputation online and try to control what people doing research online are reading about you or your business. Fortunately with the new technology available and through the work of online reputation management companies like, you are able to do it.